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Sandy Ronalds (Founder)


Sandy lives on the Gold Coast with her rad husband, their super cool kid, a rambunctious pup and the most regalist of all the cats in the whole wide world. 

After years of working in business, she couldn’t unsee the amount of waste that goes into the everyday products we buy - especially those that go on, and near, your skin. She decided that she could either be complicit, or she could get creative. When things have just always been done a certain way, people can forget to question whether there is a better way to do them. She wanted to find better ways to do things.

So why an underwear brand? 

Apparel is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to unethical and unsustainable practices. Some of it fo’ sho can be avoided (looking at you, fast fashion); but even the most eco-conscious of us aren’t about to start running around with no knickers on (at least not every day) and it’s probably the least likely category of clothing we’re gonna buy second hand - cue lightbulb-moment-montage-scene as Sandy realises “this is a space I could really make an impact!”

Challenge Accepted!

First she would need to find super smarty-pants people doing cool things with textiles. There’s sssooooo many resources used in textile fabrication that this was a serious head scratcher of a decision. Lucky for us, Sandy did all the legwork and we just get to reap the benefits of the super sustainable and exquisitely soft fabric she decided was the perfect fit for nat’v.

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