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Prolong the Life of Your Knickers

So, you’ve ummed and ahhed over all the options and settled on just the right crop, knicker or combo to suit your shape and style. You’ve gone back and forth on which assortment of colours and tones to go for, basically, you’ve invested time into this. Maybe you’re popping your nat’v cherry - welcome! - or maybe you love the way you feel in our signature eco fabric so much that you’ve already kicked all your old knickers to the curb.

However, wherever and whyever you’ve chosen nat’v (and thanks for that, by the way!) we want you to have those first time feels every time you wear our undies. We also really want you to get the longest life out of your basics too, after all, making things last is the sustainable thing to do. A little love and care goes a long way to help things last, so to help you get the most of the nat’v range, we’ve collated a few tips for taking the best care of them:

Tip 1: Treat me delicately!

nat'v basics are made from delicate, natural fibres so place them inside a delicates wash bag, with similar colours, and they’ll love you back for even longer.

Pre-rinse your leak proof Comforts in cold water until the water runs clear.

Tip 2: Warm and gentle wash.

Imagine Goldilocks was putting your wash on - not too cold, not too hot, warm and gentle is just right.

Tip 3: Mild detergent, no harsh chemicals.

These babies are already super soft, so you don’t need to add fabric softener. Just a colour safe, mild detergent will do the trick - and definitely no bleach please; the girls are a little delicate and told us it stings their gussets.

Tip 4: Leave ‘em hanging!

They love to feel the wind in their hair so no fancy dryer necessary for them, a simple line dry in the shade will do the trick.

Tip 5: Do not tumble dry or dry clean.

We’ve never met anyone (that we know of) who takes their knickers to the dry cleaners. But just in case you love your undies so much that you think they deserve an upgrade from a regular wash, we’re here to tell you there’s no need. In fact, they don’t like the dry cleaners at all so best to keep them home (or wherever you do your regular wash) and clean as per Tip 3. They also don’t like tumble dryers so stick to a line dry as per Tip 4.

Tip 6: Do not iron.

There’s many reasons why it's weird to iron your undies. Prolonging the life of them is just another to add to the list.

Tip 7: Keep me trimmed.

Whatever your grooming style inside your pants, we recommend giving any rogue threads that appear on your undies a quick trim to keep them tidy and avoid threads catching. However if you see a thread on the right inside hip do NOT cut or trim this thread as this is where your seamless stitch has been finished off. If its cut it will unravel the knickers and they will be no longer. 

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