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Undies and face masks are probably the two types of apparel that, we can all agree, don't really work in a try-before-you-buy scenario. Surely we all sleep better at night knowing our delicates haven’t been getting intimate with anyone else’s bits before we wear them!

So what’s the dealio when it comes to returns and exchanges for underwear? Well, when it comes to complying with Australian Consumer Law, we of course offer replacements/refunds for faulty garments.

But when it comes to being a brand that is all about working with you to get you in your best undies ever, we also endeavour to find a little wiggle room for reasonable requests too. Here’s how we approach some common reasons our customers reach out about returns:

Faulty Item

In the case of a faulty garment; first and foremost, we’re super sorry for letting a rogue pair of substandard undies escape our quality control! Please get in touch so we can organise an immediate replacement sent to you free of charge.

Change of Mind

We’d actually much rather you didn’t need or want to return a nat’v product in the first place. So, if you’re feeling a little undecided about cut, colour or size, let’s have a chat before you order and make sure you get your perfect undies from the start - think of all the carbon emissions we’ll save posting knickers back and forth to each other! 

But, if you do find yourself in a bit of a knicker pickle, and just want to return them, we can offer you a store credit for the full amount if:

  • you get them back to us within 30 days of placing your order
  • they are  unworn, unwashed and, aherm... unstained

You will need to cover the cost of return postage though (if you already have a store credit in your account, you can use that). 

Wrong Size or Colour 

Sometimes when we order stuff online, we don’t always pick the exact right one the first time. Maybe you fancy a different colour now you’ve seen it in the flesh, or think there’s a better size for you? Just make sure it’s unworn and in original condition, and returned within 30 days of when you purchased it and we’ll get you sorted out with an exchange.  You can even Use our exchange portal to make it super simple.