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Special Guest Q&A: REVIE JANE on International Women's Day

Special Guest Q&A: REVIE JANE on International Women's Day

Q. In light of this year's theme, "Inspire Inclusion," how has your journey as a woman in business inspired a sense of community or support among your peers?

A. My career started off in the strength and conditioning industry in my early twenties. It was so male dominated and I was absolutely intimidated by the space. But as a woman who showed interest in fitness and sports, I knew I wasn’t the only female craving a space to call ours, to wear pink and listen to Beyonce while doing burpees and deadlifts.

When I opened CrossFit Babes Miami, a vibrantly pink, all female barbell based gym, we had over 100 members in the first three months and quickly became the most followed CrossFit gym in Australia. Women from all over the world, would leave comments that they wish to visit, and some of those women did!

In carving out this niche, we not only made a bold statement within the male-dominated space but also fostered a sense of belonging and support among women. Our journey has inspired countless peers to pursue their passions fearlessly and cultivate communities where inclusivity thrives.

Q. Considering the theme, what specific advice do you have for women entrepreneurs seeking to build supportive networks and connections within their industries?

A. In the past we have been told to compete, that there is only one spot in each category and we have to fight each other to snag it. Those days are done. Now it’s all about creating connection and collaborating, which excites me to my core. I find the best way to start is pretty simple, if you look to children (some of the best teachers in life) they do it multiple times a day. If they like another kids art work, they say “I like your drawing.” They don’t compare their artwork to theirs, or think there is only space in the classroom for one piece of art. They feel inspired, and they share the love for it with the artist.

Therefore, quite simply, to create connections - When you discover someone’s work and you like it; tell them. It doesn’t take away from your work, just as a candle doesn’t lose it’s flame when it lights another candle.

Q. On International Women's Day 2024, how do you envision women supporting and uplifting each other in the business world?

A. A shift has been brewing since the powerful and impactful “Me Too” Movement founded by activist Tarana Burke. There have been waves of shift, all the through to last year with the Barbie Movie coming out, it just feels like the veil of competition and tearing each other down has been lifted and we can see that for what it is; a lie.

We had that unforgettable and moving monologue delivered by America Ferrara. We celebrated Girlhood like I’ve never seen before. It just feels like we are all moving towards becoming unapologetically ourselves. Collectively, we are all happy for one another; we are seeing less shame, more empowerment for each other. More ways we can give each other boosts to the next elevation point.

When I became a mother of not one but two daughters, I knew the struggle they would have to face and transparently, I was worried about the world they were coming into, but now, more than ever, I am becoming excited for them. With that, I am so eternally grateful for the women before me and with me, who have paved the way for women.

Q. Reflecting on your experiences, how has being a woman in business allowed you to contribute unique perspectives or innovations within your industry?

A. Social Media has had mostly a negative connotation and I can acknowledge there are horrible aspects to it. However, at least in my experience, there has been beautiful sides too. Sides where I have been able to contribute my unique experiences of navigating the hardships of motherhood, body image, mental health disorders, while simultaneously sharing the wins of business and entrepreneurship.

Social Media and the conversations and stories we’ve shared with one another in the comment section, has helped me feel so seen and validated. In ways I’ve not experienced in real life, but only online. And yet, that hasn’t meant less to me. My platform has allowed me to connect, be vulnerable and share my unique takes on just about anything. The space of content creation, influencing and social media is so innovative every day. It’s incredible to think that even 15 years ago, my job didn’t exist and now, there are countless opportunities.

Q. In the context of "Inspire Inclusion," can you share a personal story or achievement that highlights the power of collaboration and unity among women entrepreneurs?

A. I feel incredibly blessed, that everyday I get to witness collaboration and unity among women entrepreneurs. What I’m speaking of isn’t an event of significance but an every day occurrence. Since working for myself and starting my companies, I get to discover and seek women from all different walks, ethnicities and ages to work with. Whether that is my Head Graphic Designer, Photographer or the women in Bali who we manufacture with. I am very pleased to say that 90% of the team I work with each day are kick-ass, multi-tasking female entrepreneurs. Many of which are juggling multiple roles, like mama hood, along with their role in my business.

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