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Special Guest Q&A: TBH SKINCARE's Rachael Wilde on International Women's Day

Special Guest Q&A: TBH SKINCARE's Rachael Wilde on International Women's Day

Q. In light of this year's theme, "Inspire Inclusion," how has your journey as a woman in business inspired a sense of community or support among your peers?

A. I've been so very fortunate to meet so many amazing women along my journey as a founder, as well as recruit so many talented women into my team. For me the biggest impact has probably been stepping into a leadership role for a team of women.

Getting to shape and model behaviours of how we can work in a way that supports each other and our common goal has been so rewarding. For a long time I think the mentality has been, "if I want to get to the top I have to beat the next woman trying to get there", when it reality I think now we have realised that it is about creating more space for all women and more seats at the table and we can all help each other do that.

I get so much joy being able to create this type of environment for the women I am leading every day at work.

Q.  Considering the theme, what specific advice do you have for women entrepreneurs seeking to build supportive networks and connections within their industries?

A. I think one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is build a network of supportive people around you. Being a founder, especially in the early days, can be a very lonely experience so it is so important that you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go and meet and network with other people in a similar position to you.

I have found having a community of women just that can relate to what I am experiencing at a certain point in time has been so uplifting and really pulled me through some of the harder times. So make sure you DM that person on Instagram, reach out on LinkedIn or ask someone for a contact - you'll soon find a group of amazing people that are so willing to help guide and support you.

I am also a huge believer in giving back to this community. You'll soon find you're in a position where maybe you have a contact or piece of knowledge that can help someone else. So put out the energy you wish to receive back and be generous with your time and information and help the other upcoming female founders around you as well.

Q. On International Women's Day 2024, how do you envision women supporting and uplifting each other in the business world?

A. I think it is really about adopting the mentality that there is enough success for everyone in this world. A rising tide lifts all boats and we need to push against that feeling of insecurity and competitiveness that has been so well engrained into us by society for so long. The more we can help support each other the quicker we will make progress for the next group of females coming after us.

Q. Reflecting on your experiences, how has being a woman in business allowed you to contribute unique perspectives or innovations within your industry?

A. Well I think it helps that I am working in an industry (beauty) that has a predominantly female customer group. Having a close understanding of the audience has meant that I am able to bring the customer perspective into the conversation at every point in the decision making process. You would be surprised how many decisions are being made around a boardroom table that are based purely on the latest trends or ingredients, or the size of certain market, with no one actually turning to ask the customer what it is they want or looking to better understand them.

I also think being a woman in business has allowed me to bring a fresh point of view to things like maternity leave and wanting to manage both a career and family. I am yet to have kids myself, but I think I really relate to a lot of the pressure and challenges that my female employees face around this.

I have really enjoyed being able to question how things are done and why they are done that way and find better solutions for my team and support them in the way I would hope to be supported one day when I choose to have a family. It is really different when you can champion things like that when you can understand them in that personal way.

Q. In the context of "Inspire Inclusion," can you share a personal story or achievement that highlights the power of collaboration and unity among women entrepreneurs?

A. There's not really one particular instance that pops to mind, but more so a massive collection of moments that has lead to the success of tbh Skincare over the years. I have had brainstorming sessions with multiple amazing and talented women along the way which has resulted in some incredible creative concepts that I wouldn’t have had the inspiration for or been able to refine without them.

I've even had female founders text me content ideas for upcoming launches on social that have been brilliant and that I have used pretty much verbatim as they suggested them to me. How incredible to be surrounded by people who are so supportive they literally hand you a brilliant content idea on a silver platter just because they are generous enough to do so!

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