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Special Guest Q&A:  ACCESSIBILL-T's Kathryn Lyons on International Women's Day

Special Guest Q&A: ACCESSIBILL-T's Kathryn Lyons on International Women's Day

Q. In light of this year's theme, "Inspire Inclusion," how has your journey as a woman in business inspired a sense of community or support among your peers?

A. Through my journey I have been able to help empower others in my community and show them that even though you have a disability does not mean you can not achieve amazing things in life. Through my hard work with Accessibili-t I have been able to help others start to achieve their own goals and aspirations in their lives.

Q. Considering the theme, what specific advice do you have for women entrepreneurs seeking to build supportive networks and connections within their industries?

A. Talking and collaborating with other women in the industry you are working in can really open your eyes and help you to grow your business. The more strong and empowering women and peers you surround yourself with, the more you will be able to grow and achieve the goals you have set in your business.

Q. On International Women's Day 2024, how do you envision women supporting and uplifting each other in the business world?

A. I envision that women can empower each other through our work no matter what disability, limitations or differences there might be , by sharing or following our business, supporting each others events and being there when they need someone to collaborate or network with and giving positive reinforcement is a great way to support other women, peers and community in the business world.

Q. Reflecting on your experiences, how has being a woman in business allowed you to contribute unique perspectives or innovations within your industry?

A. Being able to think outside of the box ,I find has helped me in so many ways as a woman, with the innovation and design ideas within Accessibili-t. I have been able to collaborate and work alongside other incredible women and peers to create evolutionary changes in different parts of the world around inclusion sanitation and hygiene.

Q. In the context of "Inspire Inclusion," can you share a personal story or achievement that highlights the power of collaboration and unity among women entrepreneurs

A. Sharing my journey and personal story of my struggles and feats with my disability and how I overcame and started my own business Accessibili-t. I found that it takes more then one person to make real change.

By working with others I have been able to empower and inspire other women and peers along the way to start their own journeys in business. During this time I showed them that they need a network or team to help them get there, that they also saw how important it is to empower, inspire and uplift each other along the way. Through having this support we can make amazing things happen for women in the business world.

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