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How to Avoid the Winter Blues - Blog by Chloe

How to Avoid the Winter Blues - Blog by Chloe

Let’s face it, winter can be a challenging time for us all. The days are darker and shorter, and even getting out of bed can be a struggle. If this chilly weather is halting your motivation and making you feel like you’ve lost your spark, you’re not alone! 

So, how do we get some pep back in our step? 

We got some advice from Chloe, a Kinesiologist, Life Coach and Women’s Circle Facilitator who is passionate about guiding people to cultivate their inner bloom. 

Here are Chloe’s top tips on how to avoid the winter blues: 

Shift Your Mindset Towards The Cold

We are all guilty of complaining about the cold from time to time, but by doing so we are feeding into the negative mindset we have towards winter. Changing your perspective on cold weather could help you to stay out of a funk, not to mention the cold actually has health benefits such as helping burn calories, helping you get a better night's sleep, and also improving your brain function.

Invest In Clothes That Make You Feel Great (And Keep You Warm!)

It’s time to go into your wardrobe, look at your winter clothing, and see which items spark joy. Wearing clothes that make you feel like the goddess that you are, are super comfortable (and of course are weather appropriate) can really help you to feel good about yourself even though it's freezing outside. If your winter staples are lacking, we recommend investing in some quality and timeless pieces that you’ll use year after year. Think comfy boots, chunky knits, cosy jackets, and wooly socks! Don’t forget to pick items that will ignite some excitement when you get to wear them. 

Stay In Contact
Prioritising being social, even if it is simply a quick Facetime chat to a friend or family member, will boost your mood.  There are links between social isolation and depression, so, if you can, make time to go for brunch to that fun new cafe with a friend, or even go out to a movie with your family.  

Get Outside During The Day
If you find the decrease in daylight affecting your mood, it’s time to grab a warm coat, your winter boots, a good podcast and go for a walk.  Being out in nature while the sun is shining (and even when it is overcast), can boost your mood tremendously.

Brighten Your Space
In winter we tend to hibernate indoors, so why not turn your space into an interior designer's dream.  From rearranging your bedroom, to a massive de-clutter, to buying new plants, artwork or bedding, make your space somewhere that you want to be.  

Journey inward

The colder months are the perfect opportunity to self-reflect and go inward. Use these months to journal and spend time by yourself in order to deepen the relationship with yourself.
Here are a few journal prompts you can use:

  • What have I achieved in the past 6 months and how do I feel about my accomplishments?
  • How can I start to nurture and love myself more during Winter and what practices can I put in place for self-care? 
  • What am I looking forward to in the coming months?

Winter doesn't have to be so bad, it's just all about changing your mindset so you can thrive in the cold. After all, we were given seasons for a reason so let's lean into the magic of Winter and let this restorative and cosy time transform us so we’re ready to bloom again in Spring!

If you’re seeking some extra support and guidance to reignite your spark Chloe offers online Kinesiology and Coaching sessions, you can check her out on Instagram @innerbloom_withchloe. Otherwise head to her website to find out more and book a session

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