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11 Ethical and Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022

11 Ethical and Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day is coming up again soon (the 8th of May) and it’s a great excuse to show appreciation for your Mum or other motherly figures in your life. And what better gift is there than one that doesn’t harm people or the planet? Check out some of our favourite ethical and sustainable gifts for Mother’s Day 2022 below!

1. Pot plants

For any green thumb mothers out there a pot plant will always be appreciated. For a more sustainable option, though, try find one that requires little watering. Some good options (other than cacti and succulents, of course) are devil’s ivy, Chinese evergreen and snake plants.

And to put it in, The Good Pot Co. sells plant pots made from entirely recycled materials.

Good Pot Co’s Eliza Planter in lava

  1. Set of beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps have soared in popularity recently as a replacement for cling wrap. Whether your Mum likes animal prints, native plants or minimalist patterns Go For Zero will have a design for her. You can also buy DIY kits so you can make them together. 

  1. Plant-based cookbook

If your Mum likes to cook and experiment with new recipes, why not encourage her to incorporate more sustainable meals into her diet with a plant-based cookbook? There are so many to choose from, all with different cuisines and styles. Great options include Vegan with Bite or Smith & Daughters. If she’s not yet ready to give up meat try The Sustainable Kitchen for a healthy medium.

  1. Sustainable bed sheets

After a long day there’s nothing better than getting into a bed with fresh sheets. To thank her for all the times you woke her up in the middle of the night as a kid, give her the gift of a good night’s sleep. Lots of companies have started selling sheet sets made from more sustainable materials, including bamboo, hemp and sustainably sourced linen. Check out Ettitude or The Hemp Gallery for some gorgeous options that will undoubtedly spruce up her bedroom.

  1. Jewellery

A quality piece of jewellery can last a lifetime, making it a great gift choice. While most jewellery is still produced unethically, more and more brands are choosing a more conscious route. Check out A Silver Circle or Natalie Marie Jewellery for some ethical and sustainable options.

  1. DIY bee hotel kit

A gift that actually has a positive impact on the environment is a bee hotel. These are structures with lots of holes that provide shelter for solitary bees. They can be placed in the backyard where the bees will also help with pollination and even attract native birds. Find one at Biome Eco Stores.

Biome’s Native Solitary Bees Bee Hotel

  1. Recycled picnic rug

A gift in itself, or one that can be used as part of a Mother’s Day outing, a picnic rug will make a day at the park all the more enjoyable. Salty Aura sell some gorgeous, great quality designs made from recycled cotton. Wrap it up as a gift or take her out for a picnic on said rug to include an activity as well!

  1. A pair of recycled hiking pants

A good pair of hiking pants is a necessity for any outdoorsy person, and even better if they’re made from recycled materials! Help make her next trip all the more enjoyable with these Recycled Venture Pants from Zorali.

Zorali Women’s Recycled Venture Pants in Black

  1. Book a class to do together

Whether your Mum’s into working out, sewing or home reno, what better way to spend time together than while learning something new. She’ll appreciate the thought and the chance to spend more time with you.

  1. Self-cleaning water bottle

You can’t go wrong with a reusable water bottle but, with this self-cleaning, insulated water bottle, your Mum won’t need to buy a plastic one ever again. Head to LARQ Australia to choose a design she’ll love.

LARQ’s PureVis Granite White 500ml Bottle

  1. Personalised card

If Mother’s Day gifts aren’t your thing or you’re not in the best financial situation, kind words are often just as appreciated. With a personalised card you can remind her how grateful you are for everything she has done for you. Just be ready for a few happy tears.

Showing appreciation for those around us is more important than ever, so we hope you find these gift ideas helpful! And if you want to make your gifting extra sustainable, be sure to use a reusable cloth instead of wrapping paper – it’s extra cute too!

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