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Cheeky G Lavender 4 set Buy 3 get 1 free


Here's a few highlights about what's so great about these ones.

Sustainable Materials

Our signature Lenzing Modal eco fabric is produced from organically-grown, renewable sources.

Better For You

Our undies are antibacterial, breathable & toxin-free - kinder to nature and safe on your skin... win-win!

Ethically Made

All of our suppliers are hand selected, BSCI certified and rigorously tested to ensure they comply with our social responsibility principles.

Reducing Textile Waste

Our seamless design undies mean less textile waste in the manufacturing process, and on the cutting room floor.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Plastic-free and carbon-neutral shipping straight to your doorstep!

Environmentally Responsible Processes

Our Tencel Modal fibres are extracted from sustainably grown beech trees.

The certified biobased fibre is then manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process.

This solvent-spinning process recycles process water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%.

All our undies are produced in a vertically integrated factory. Being able to complete the majority of the garment in the one place allows for super efficient processes, less waste and fewer travel miles - which all adds up to a more sustainable end product.

Low Impact Dyes

The method we use for dying our fabric is reactive fibre dye.

It’s the most eco-friendly method when considering both practicality and sustainability.

Low impact dyes don’t contain any toxic chemicals and don’t require toxic mordants. They also require significantly less water during the process which helps keep waste at a minimum.

Importantly, low impact dyes also aren’t toxic to the people dying the fabric, or the environment.


Buy 3 Get 1 free - All in Lavender

Limited Edition 'Lavender'

  • Medium G string 
  • Thin, soft waistband
  • Semi-seamless design
  • 78% Lenzing Modal, 17.8% Polyamide and 4.2% Elastane

Putting the OG in G string, this cheeky little number is our best seller for a reason. 

The semi-seamless design and our signature blend of super soft, eco conscious fabric will have you thinking you forgot to put your undies on… but in a good way.

Our Cheeky G is the party pant that will also kick it with you couch-side on those slouchy days. The super comfy fit, breathable fabric and thin soft waistband make her your ride or die girl; she’s just as comfortable hanging out at the gym under those tight tights as she is saving you from a VPL on the dance floor. 

She’s the secret weapon getting you through a long day without digging in or riding up. Oh, and she thinks people who pinch strangers' bums are straight up weirdos, so she won’t do that either. She’s cool like that.

    Tip 1: Treat me delicately!
    nat'v basics are made from delicate, natural fibres so place them inside a delicates wash bag, with similar colours, and they’ll love you back for even longer.
    Pre-rinse your leak proof Comforts in cold water until the water runs clear.

    Tip 2: Warm and gentle wash.
    Imagine Goldilocks was putting your wash on - not too cold, not too hot, warm and gentle is just right.

    Tip 3: Mild detergent, no harsh chemicals.
    These babies are already super soft, so you don’t need to add fabric softener. Just a colour safe, mild detergent will do the trick - and definitely no bleach please; the girls are a little delicate and told us it stings their gussets.

    Tip 4: Leave ‘em hanging!
    They love to feel the wind in their hair so no fancy dryer necessary for them, a simple line dry in the shade will do the trick.

    Tip 5: Do not tumble dry or dry clean.
    We’ve never met anyone (that we know of) who takes their knickers to the dry cleaners. But just in case you love your undies so much that you think they deserve an upgrade from a regular wash, we’re here to tell you there’s no need. In fact, they don’t like the dry cleaners at all so best to keep them home (or wherever you do your regular wash) and clean as per Tip 3. They also don’t like tumble dryers so stick to a line dry as per Tip 4.

    Tip 6: Do not iron.
    There’s many reasons why it's weird to iron your undies. Prolonging the life of them is just another to add to the list.

    Tip 7: Keep me trimmed.
    Whatever your grooming style inside your pants, we recommend giving any rogue threads that appear on your undies a quick trim to keep them tidy and avoid threads catching.
    nat’v isn’t one of your average apparel brands trying desperately to tick a sustainability box. Each and every piece we design and bring to the market must align with our core values of creating sustainable garments and giving more choices for like-minded women.

    We’re not about doing stuff just for the sake of it; ain’t nobody got time for that. When creating pieces, there are two things that need to be ticked off before anything goes ahead:

    Is this better for the end user in terms of comfort and cut? Is this better for our planet in terms of manufacturing processes, materials used, carbon and water footprint? If we get two yeses - that’s when we go into detailed design.

    What we’re striving for with everything we create is the ultimate balance of comfort, sustainability and price point, to suit all women. So, no pressure then!

    read more about our sustainability practices
    Quick Exchange Facts

    - We do not offer exchanges on underwear due to hygiene reasons, so please choose carefully and if you need assistance let’s have a chat before you order

    - If you are not totally into your choice of crop or bralette you can easily return the items for a store credit, if returned within 30 days. We offer free exchanges on all crops and bralettes #winning!

    - If you are sent the wrong item or a faulty item we will organise a replacement immediately with a return slip for the faulty or wrong item to be sent back at our expense

    - If you have accidentally ordered the wrong item or size that's all ok, we understand mistakes happen. You will however, need to cover the cost of return postage. Once we get them back and they're in their original condition we will issue a store credit to you via email so you can jump back on and purchase the right knickers


    Parcel Post 2 + Days Orders Under $99.00 $12.95
    Parcel Post Shipping Orders over $99.00 Free
    Express Shipping Orders $14.95


    DHL Express International Orders $20.00
    International - Australia Post - No Tracking. Orders over $99.00+ Free

    Feel as good ABOUT your undies, as you do IN them!

    We designed our undies to make sure your tooshie - and your conscience - can kick back and relax.

    No grubby supply chains, no toxins, no nonsense.

    Some of our undies are made from renewable wood sources using environmentally responsible processes, some are made from recycled plastic. All of them are made with love.


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    How to care and prolong the life of your nat'v basics
    nat'v basics are made from delicate natural fibres, so it's essential that you take care when washing them and caring for them. Read on!

    7 tips to keep your knickers fresh
    Washing your knickers may seem pretty straightforward, but how do you actually wash your knickers? Like most of us you probably, haven't put a lot of thought into it. And why on earth would you? You have a life—and that doesn’t include worrying about your knickers?
    Personally I am the worst washer of any clothes and usually don’t think twice before doing the washing. Everything gets thrown in the same load on whatever setting, I am guessing the default one. So what’s wrong with that? Washing your Nat'v Basics with the rest of your laundry will ultimately cause them to wear out quickly which includes tears, fraying, fading, and stretching.

    Here are some tips on how to care and prolong the life of your nat'v knickers.

    Tip 1: Treat me delicately! Place your Cheeky Gs, Classics and pre-rinsed Comforts inside a delicates wash bag, with similar colours.
    Pre-rinse your leak proof Comforts in cold water until the water runs clear.

    Tip 2: Warm and gentle wash. Select a gentle cycle, not too hot, not too cold, just right.

    Tip 3: Mild detergent, no harsh chemicals. Use a colour safe, mild detergent. Do not bleach or use fabric softener.

    Tip 4: Leave me hanging! Hang me on the line to dry in the shade.

    Tip 5: Do not tumble dry. Do not tumble dry or take me to the dry cleaners.

    Tip 6: Do not iron. No ironing required here.

    Tip 7: Keep me trimmed. If any loose threads appear, trim them to keep me tidy and avoid threads catching.
    So it’s pretty straightforward!
    By following our tips your nat'v basics are going to last a lot longer, which is great for your back pocket and our planet.
    Do you have a size guide?
    Please not we recommend sizing up in our bralette for extra comfort. For more information visit our size chart page
    What is our brand purpose?
    We design everyday basics for women that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to offer the highest possible level of comfort.
    We use the word “comfort” a lot and to us this does not just refer to the physical touch of our materials on your skin. We want to extend the experience of comfort to our customers by adding the assurance that we are making better choices for the planet.

    We aim to offer comfort to our customers by maintaining an open and honest supply chain, by checking and ensuring the highest quality working conditions exist at all levels, and by investing time and resources into researching the best techniques for material manufacture that have the least impact on the natural world.