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Final Sale Items

We don’t do sales and discounts, kinda. 

We’re not fast fashion, so we don’t have old styles to dump on you at a discount. But we do have limited room in our warehouse at nat’v HQ, so sometimes we gotta kick a few of the girls out of the nest to make a little extra space. 

We feel terrible about it, we love all our girls equally and don’t want them to feel like we’re playing favourites. So we figure if we sweeten the deal for you guys (who we also love equally, by the way) by offering a little discount, it’s a win-win-win for all of us. Go team.

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  • $24.00

    Comforts Leak Proof

    Purpose: Use fewer tampons and pads Impact: Less tampons and pads in landfill Flow: 30mls or 2-3 tampons Style: Classic Bikini Cut and only comes...

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  • $19.00

    Comfort Leak

    Our nat'v Comfort Leak knickers are perfect for those days where you need a hand with incontinence, sweat and leaks. We've all been there, that s...

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Our entire range is created in our signature blend of eco-friendly fabric that’s softer than cotton and better for the planet's bottom line than bamboo. Made from TENCEL™ using natural fibres, our breathable undies are not just green, they’re clean and free from chemicals that might irritate your skin.
“i will never again wear a different brand of underwear”

Airlie R. (verified buyer)