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Getting your period shouldn’t hold you back or change your style. Semi-seamless, leak proof period pants at your service!

Comforts are our leak proof undies, designed to get you through your period as mess-free and comfortable as possible. They’re ethically made (of course), and made of GOTS Certified 95% Organic Cotton, so you don’t need to worry about any nasty chemicals or toxins hiding in your pants. You’ve already got enough going on.

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  • $24.00

    Comforts Leak Proof

    Purpose: Use fewer tampons and pads Impact: Less tampons and pads in landfill Flow: 30mls or 2-3 tampons Style: Classic Bikini Cut and only comes...

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  • $20.00

    Comfort Leak

    Our nat'v Comfort Leak knickers are perfect for those days where you need a hand with incontinence, sweat and leaks. We've all been there, that s...

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“I had no idea what I had been missing out on until I got these underwear!! For someone who has always struggled with extremely heavy flows during her period, having to use a pad and a tampon at the same time and still leaking, and constantly having the stress of staining my sheets, underwear and clothes, these underwear are a lifesaver to me. I can now get trough my period without the normal stresses that accompany it.
Thankyou from a super comfortable, super happy gal xx”

Eliza (verified buyer)